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name; andrew seeley
born; april 30th 1982, ottawa, ontario, canada
extra; drew is a singer, songwriter and an actor. drew started his acting career when he was 6 years old, and has appeared in one tree hill, dawsons creek, the guiding light and more. his music style varies from pop, rock, rhythm and blues. he used to be a member of r&b group nu ground, but since then has had a succesful solo career. for more check out the link to his official site and wikipedia page.

community rules;

[1]; membership is moderated, please wait a while for us to accept you =)
[2]; please respect drew's personal life, that's including relatives and friends even girlfriends. no bashing allowed.
[3]; promoting comms are allowed, disney/drew related stuff only. wait another 2 weeks to promote again =)
[4]; put all icons, articles, pictures and vids under cuts please.
[5]; you are welcome to post articles, icons, videos as long as it's related to drew.
[6]; on the otp thing, you're allowed to discuss them but please no wars over them? kthx.
[7] always tag entries, that way we can find older posts easier.
[8]; keep swearing to the minimum, remember drew does have young fans/admirers.
[9]; make sure you put all new entries as friends only even if its an entry full of icons.
[9]; respect all members, mods and maintainers and have fun!

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to apply please comment in any entry or the welcome entry.



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