she could be money, cars, fear of the dark... (fullbloom870) wrote in seeleyfans,
she could be money, cars, fear of the dark...

Drew's A Real Rockstar!

So i just got back from the HSM concert
and it was probably the most amazzing thing I've ever witnessed.
And i just have to say..
We think Drew is hot on scene and in film..
but you've never realized his full hotness until you've seen him in person..
The Boy is even hotter up close and personal!!
After the show I hopped in my car and turned my mix CD way up and the first song was a Drew original.

So I was wondering what is everyone's favorite Drew song that isnt Disney related?
You can find them at Drew Seeley Source or if you're just really resourceful on the internet.
I love "Join the Party", "Hello and Goodbye" ,and "Want you In My Life"
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